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Return multiple lookup values in form

Question asked by tapologo on Jul 26, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2017 by tapologo

I have a list named Network Carrier Master with the following columns: Country, Network, Current Carrier, Current Rate


I also have a form with similar fields: Country, Network, Current Carrier, Current Rate. The first 2 fields (Country and Network) are lookup controls and they work as I expect (the lookup lists are separate from the above list). Now I want the other 2 fields; Current Carrier and Current Rate to work such that once the user has selected Country and Network, a lookup function will search the above list and return Current Carrier and Current Rate. In other words


SELECT Current Carrier, Current Rate

FROM "Network Carrier Master"

WHERE Country ="NamedControl_Country" && Network = "NameControl_Network"


I tried using Lookup function but did not return desired results. Here's a snippet of my form