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Date field "losing a day" when creating item

Question asked by patrickabel Champion on Jul 26, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2018 by patrickabel

Hello Fellow Nintexperts,

While working with a client today, I've come across an interesting issue. Despite developing a work-around already, I'd love to get some insight from the community to better understand my finding or to surface this bug. In order to confirm this issue wasn't unique to my client's environment, I recreated the issue in my development environment as well (see below).


I have two SharePoint Lists:

  • TEST A
  • TEST B


Both of these Lists have a date column called Some Date configured with the default settings (Date Only). I am then using a Site Workflow to fetch the Some Date value from a single item in the TEST A list, setting this value to a workflow variable (configured as a date), and am then creating a new item in the TEST B list based on this value.


What I'm finding is that when taking this route, the date stored in the second list loses a day (see screenshots below).

Query List > Set Variable > Create Item using variable



Any ideas on what would cause this behavior? I suspect it has to do with how time is being handled with converting from item value to variable and back to a list item value, but it threw me for a loop.


As silly as it sounds, I worked around the problem by adding a Calculate Date action before the Create Item action is called. It doesn't actually do anything. It simply adds zero time and stores the value back as the original variable:

After doing this, the correct date is shared to the new item. Any ideas?


Environment Details:

Nintex Workflow for SP2013 (version