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Multiple OR functions going wrong

Question asked by twhitesell on Oct 2, 2014
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I am having some problems with multiple OR functions in Forms 2013. A simplified scenario is:-


4 Form Variables contain inArray(lookup(......)) - to give me 4 true/false depending on contents of a List. I then need to know if any of those 4 variables have returned as true.


inArray1, inArray2, inArray3 all 'false', inArray4 'true'  - so overall should be a 'true'.


First off I tried nesting the OR functions:-

or((or((or(inArray1, inArray2)), inArray3)), inArray4)    - but returned 'false' instead of 'true'


Secondly I tried a two step process:-


or(inArray1, inArray2) into FormVariable1    - returned 'false' correctly

or(inArray3, inArray4) into Form Variable2   - returned 'true' correctly


or(FormVariable1, FormVariable2)  - returned 'false' instead of 'true' again!


Any help with what I/it is doing wrong, or on a different approach would be more than helpful!