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Call Web Service located on site with Negotiate provider

Question asked by lehuspohus on Jul 25, 2017
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Hello! I'm trying to use Call web service action in my worklow to request data from web service, which is located on IIS web site with the following list of auth providers:


And I'm always getting 401 unauthorized error when just trying to get the list of available methods:


I remember, that i faced this issue before, with different server\site\webservice and fixed that by leaving only NTLM in list of providers. But now I can't do that, since we need Negotiate (and Kerberos) by design )


As I understand, it just can't negotiate Kerberos and fallback to NLTM, simply giving me "Unauthorized".


Any ideas are welcome!


Sharepoint 2013 on-premise,  Nintex Workflow 2013 (