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Nintex Hawkeye Beacon Within For Each Loop Problem

Question asked by gohkh on Jul 20, 2017

I have started to use Hawkeye Process Lens with Nintex Workflow for O365.


I have inserted a beacon within a For Each loop in my workflow as shown below:

The Beacon action is configured with 3 keys (Month, Expense Type, Amount):

After the workflow is run, I could see that the Log History action immediately before the beacon showed the workflow went through the loop twice, and the the data were correct:

I was expecting that the beacon to have captured 2 sets of data from the workflow instance. However, when I refresh the Process Beacons Table from Power BI desktop, I could only find 1 set of data during the last round the workflow went through the loop as follows:

What could have gone wrong? How should the beacons be configured to capture information for each round of the loop that the workflow goes through?