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Strange cookie handling with web request action

Question asked by jweidhaase on Jul 24, 2017



in my scenario I will contact a web service using web request action. The web service send 2 cookies for example. Those cookies I'would like to save in variables. This works fine only when the cookies don't have equal-sign (=) in the value part. The question is: why?


Cookies to be send are defined as <cookie-name>=<cookie-value> when they are send from the web server. As of the documentation of "Set-Cookie - HTTP | MDN" in the <cookie-value> the equal-sign (=) is allowed. 


Here I can give you screenshots of my example:


Picture 1:

Here you can see that the send cookie "mycookie1" contains the equal-sign in the value part (in green colour). 

As a result the cookie value can not be stored in an response cookie variable. Nintex gives "temp=" as a result of that.


The other cookie "mycookie2" will be processed correctly.




Picture 2:


As you can see: mycookie1 does not contain the equal sign in the cookie-value field (in green colour).

As a result the response cookies wil be processed correctly.



Does anyone know about that issue? As a workaround I can parse the response http-header and extract the cookie values by regex. 


But in my opinion it seems to be a bug as I would expect a correct cookie handling.


In my case I use Nintex Workflow 2013 Standard (


Thank you for any comments on that issue.


Jan Weidhaase