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SharePoint Discussion Board Category based workflow

Question asked by vamshijk123 on Jul 21, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2017 by pallni


I am creating a Nintex workflow for the discussion boards in SharePoint 2013 on-premise. The criteria is as below.

  1. Discussions board has a custom column called Category added to all content types.
  2. Based on the category, the worflow should send notifications to specific sharepoint groups.
  3. All the discussions and Replies notification should be sent according to the category.


I understand that the discussions list has two content types "Discussion" and "Message". 

I am able to send notification based on the category for the new topic in the discussion. However, I am facing issues with the replies. I am unable to query the Category from the "Discussion" content type using the "ParentItemId" of the reply, as the workflow would be running on the "Message" Content type for the replies. 


Is there anyway the category column value can be updated by default in the Message content type so that it is easy to query based on the reply Id? Or is there a way we can get category from Discussion content type based on the reply? Hope I did't confuse.


Any solution or tips would be much appreciated. Kindly let me know if need any clarifications.


As it is urgent requirement need help ASAP. Thanks in advance.