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Weird issue with 'Set Variable' action.

Question asked by cdesai on Jul 24, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2017 by emha

Hi Nintex Team,


I am facing weird issue in Nintex 2013 Workflow. Sometime Set Variable action set value correctly and sometime not which makes my application break for no reason.


I am trying to set text variable (strUserAsText) from people picker column UserAndApproverInvolvedSoFar with Set Variable action. Here, I need the Login Name so I can set it in Set Permissions action, but it is getting set as:

44;#Desai Chintan

While I need in format



Alternative 1: Then I deleted below Set Variable and created replica, output is same – Error.

Alternative 2: Then I tried getting Email Address from UserAndApproverInvolvedSoFar people picker, output is same – Error (sometime it set email address, sometime it set as 44;#Desai Chintan).


I am going crazy, as what is going wrong. I doubts its because of Switch statement or some corruption in Set Variable.