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Very weird behaviour while assigning a task to a User. The task approver (xyz), when assigns the task to user (abc), the task is returned back to user (xyz) instead of assigned user (abc)?

Question asked by moosa.laghari on Jul 24, 2017
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Phew..! I took about 10 minutes to think of how to put the question. Well, the scenario am facing is pretty weird and unexpected and it has left me no choice but to put this here on Nintex Community. And I will try my best to explain the situation I am stuck at.


Okay so, below is a look of a part of my workflow where this problem is being occurred
Part of workflow where issue is being occured. A parallel action


As you can see in above image, I have a parallel action with three branches. Each branch have a state machine with two flexi tasks in it. The flexi tasks named as Owner1, Owner2 and Owner3 are the original approver tasks and are run only one time, while the tasks named as Reassigned owner1, Reassigned owner2 and Reassigned owner3 can run multiple times.
see image below,



When the workflow is initiated, it goes to a task for Managers approval and Manager can assign task to Owner1, Owner2 or Owner3 or all of them.

Lets Suppose, I am Manager and I assigned task to Owner1 and Owner2.

So far, it works fine.

Now both the Owners, Owner1 and Owner2 will assign task to a user named (Training23).

Note: Training2 have display name as Training23

What happens next is where I am very confused.

  • I assigned task to Training2 from both Owner1 and Owner2.
  • First I assigned task from Owner2 to Training2, it worked fine the task was assigned to Training2.
  • Then I assigned task from Owner1 to Training2, the task did not assigned to Training2 but it got assigned back to training3.

Look image below,

And following the same way, I tried to reassign Training23 from both Reassign Owner1 and Reassign Owner2. (Note: we are now on Reassigned State)

This happened every time I tried to assign task to a certain user from both Reassigned Owners 1 and 2.

More Information:

  • The users being selected are on People Picker field and are connected to Person or Group field.
  • The flexi task Assignee is configured from Item Properties. The column name where the selected users are being saved from Owners task forms.


I hope I have made my scenario cleared enough.


if any queries regarding my question, please feel free to ask.


I need help to get out of this situation as soon as possible (its urgent though).


Thank You!