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Approval workflow help

Question asked by lallison20 on Jul 20, 2017
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I have done quite a bit of searching but am still struggling to find a solution. I have built a travel request list and associated workflow. It is a multi staged approval. It has to be approved by Dept. Head, then by Exec. Office, then by Finance. Normally, when a request is submitted, a notification will be sent to the Dept. Head with a link to the request so that they can go directly to it, but they want the ability to see all of their requests at once. When presented to leadership, they wanted the ability to approve multiple requests with out have to click on each one, being taken in to the Approval ID page, approving, and then going to the next request.


My thinking was to take the workflow task list where each task shows up and have them approve them from there. My problem there is that I cannot get any of the data from the request to show up in the task list so that they know what they are approving. I tried associating the content types I created for the request list, in the task list, but the data does not show up in the task list columns. Is it possible to get that data from the request list to show up in the task list along with the task?


Is there a way to select and approve multiple tasks?