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Date Collection variable

Question asked by cvuppala on Jul 17, 2017
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Here is my scenaio:


I am querying list and collecting "Date initiated" column values into a collection variable. I now would like to iterate through each date initiated value and calculate "Number of days in Approval" which is a difference between (current date and Date initiated). I then update the number of days in approval field in the list item.


Sounds simple but with dates involved in the collection, I am not able to achieve this.


  • I iterate through Date initiated collection and store each date in "var_datestring" String variable. 
  • I then use convert value to use "datediffdays" function to calculate the difference between var_datestring and current date.


I schedule this workflow once a day and the workflow ends with the error below



Collection Operation Configuration:


Convert value action configuration.


Error received: