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Managing Suspended Workflows in Nintex o365

Question asked by scottsdesign on Jul 19, 2017

This is probably more of a series of questions, rather than a  discussion, however I think that there should be more knowledge on how the Workflow debugging works in o365. For example, ion Prem, I could add a webpart that showed all of my Nintex Running workflows, etc. 


Question: When I delete a list item with a a suspended workflow, will that workflow delete as well, or will it remain suspended somewhere? If yes, where do I find those. Note they do not show up in Workflow Health on the list. 


Question: is there a place to visually see the flow of the workflows, similar to 2013 on Prem? I can see the workflow log, however nothing visual. This is a nice feature on prem, however cannot seem to find in o365. 


Question: Can I still receive workflow error notifications from o365, like in on prem? Can I adjust that in the o365 admin settings?


Is workflow debugging and management something that Nintex plans to improve? I see one of the major values of Nintex is the ability to debug workflows seamlessly.