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How do you use 'Calculated Value Lookup' with a list with multiple-selections?

Question asked by james.rocha on Jul 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2017 by james.rocha

I can't seem to find any working examples of how to perform a calculated value lookup that loops for each option selected in a multiple-selection list lookup.


I have a list called 'Department List' in SharePoint 2013 that contains a list of departments, in a column called 'Departments', and a few lines of department specific text in a column called 'Add to email'.


On my form I have a List Lookup Control called 'InvDel', that uses the Department List as a source, and displays all the departments from the list as check-boxes. This generates when the form is loaded, based on how many departments I have in the list, which is exactly what I want.


I then have a 'calculated value' control, called 'Text to email'. My aim is to populate this field with the text from the 'Department List' list depending on which check-boxes have been selected by the user. This is where I am having trouble. I've tried every combination, and I can't get my calculated value lookup formula to return more than one result. 


If I use the formula: InvDel it returns the each ID, and the name of each Department that has been selected.


If I use the formula: lookup("Department List","Department",parseLookup(InvDel),"Text to email") it returns only the first check-box the user has selected, but none thereafter.


How do I amend the formula to work for all the other selected check-boxes?


Many thanks, in advance.