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Sequential numbering

Question asked by philip.maw on Jul 15, 2017
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Can anyone help with a solution for sequential form numbering either via nintex forms or workflow. In order to meet a client specification I'm looking to create multiple sets of sequentially numbered forms within a list.


I have a field called "Index name" which is displayed as a drop down on the form , this looks up from another list. I need the form/ list to generate a unique  & sequential ID based upon the selected value in this drop down.




"index name" field gives 3 options  "DATA" "SITE" "STAGE".  Each form is to be sequentially numbered based upon its "index name" field value. E.g if 6 forms were submitted selecting the index name in the following order the numbering would be as such.


DATA001 , DATA002 , SITE001 , DATA003, STAGE001, SITE002, DATA004


Any help would be much appreciated.