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Nintex 2007 on SP 2007 - Workflow updating a list item is preventing Web Services in other workflow to run

Question asked by jakubyksvoloh on Sep 29, 2014
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I am having following problem with two workflows running on one list.

The problem is following (let's say that we have Workflow1 and Workflow2):


  1. Workflow1 runs and triggers an update of an item.
  2. As an update is triggered Workflow2 is kicked off (as it is set to run when an item is modified).
  3. Any Web Requests in Workflow2 will fail. Unable to connect to remote server.


If I run Workflow2 without triggering an update of an item by Workflow1 the web service calls will succeed (or any other Web Requests).


Is this a bug in Nintex 2007? Is there any solution to this?


Please note:

  • Workflow1 does not trigger Workflow2 directly, just updates an item in a list.
  • Web Requests are failing not only for Web Services but for any other resources - like triggering a GET to