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I need help using the Update Item command to copy Choice column data from one file to another in the same list.

Question asked by karmaq on Jul 14, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2017 by karmaq

I have a workflow designed to copy metadata from one file to another in the same list.  We write documents in Word, but publish them as PDFs and the workflow is designed so that we don't have to manually re-enter all that data a second time.


Everything works fine, except for the data in a Choice column we have.  It allows for multiple selections. If I use the default setting, which copies it as a string, no data copies over.




If I use the other option, Choices, Comma Delimited, the workflow errors out and I get this error:


Coercion Failed: Input cannot be null for this coercion.

Update Item Choice Columns problem


I received the error once before while copying over data from a people-picker field where choices are delimited by semi-colons.  In that instance, I found that copying the data as a string would solve the problem and now that data copies successfully.


What gives with the Comma-delimited columns not copying?  This workflow automates a lot for us and will save us steps, but it has this one tiny hiccup I can't seem to make go away.

Any help would be appreciated.