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SharePoint People Picker and Shared Mailboxes

Question asked by jhong88 on Jul 13, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2018 by shaneoss

Hi Everyone


I suspect that this issue may not be a Nintex issue. but I'll try here anyway.  I have a list that has a People / Group picker field.  Works great when I select a person or a group on SharePoint.  However in our company we have email boxes that are shared.  For example one of the shared email boxes (team boxes) is  with an internal name of "Confirmation Team".


When I just the people picker to and type in "Confirmation Team" it says it can't find it.  When I try  (that would be considered in domain address)it says I can't share externally.  How do I get the people picker to bring up the shared email box?  is there a setting on SharePoint?  Keep in mind that I have very limited access to SharePoint's inner workings.  The company has locked down most of the functions. 


Using SharePoint 2013.


Help.  Thanks