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Site Workflow needs to run on multiple libraries.  Shall I have multiple site workflows or combine these into one?

Question asked by cblackl2000 on Jul 11, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2017 by cblackl2000

I have a parent (site) workflow that triggers a child (library) workflow.  This will need to be replicated across multiple (three) libraries, all of which are similar in the data gathered, just segregated for business purposes.  The site workflow will be scheduled and it is fine to have all three libraries processed at the same time.


Would it be best to have the parent (site) workflow as three separate workflows or shall I combine all actions into one workflow?  Certainly, the goal is not only to be effective, but also efficient and I'm wondering what others have found to be the best practice in similar instances.


Business use details:  the libraries are all legal libraries with contract documents of various purposes and those documents need periodic notification to various parties.  The parent workflow will select candidates and the child workflow will send notifications.  Each library is basically a carbon copy of the other in terms of data fields and these all belong to the same SharePoint site.  (In my situation, the Flexi Task did not meet business needs.)