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How do I make a WF send quarterly check-in emails?

Question asked by reuscel on Jul 10, 2017
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I am trying to figure out a way to build a workflow that will send a quarterly flexi-task email that asks users to either Continue or Stop a litigation hold.  I have the list built in Sharepoint, and it contains the name of the Attorney of the case, the name of the case for which the litigation hold has been put in place, and a status column which notes whether the Litigation Hold should be continued or stopped.


The way I have the workflow built so far is with a "Run If" that only runs if the status of the litigation hold is either "Pending Attorney Confirmation" or "Continue Litigation Hold."  If the status is "Stop Litigation Hold," the WF will not run.  When it runs, it sends a flexi-task to the user asking them to continue or stop the litigation hold, and then it updates the "Hold status" column to either "Continue Litigation Hold" or "Stop Litigation Hold" depending on the user's response.


What I want is for it to re-send that check-in email/flexi-task after three months so long as the status of the litigation hold isn't "Stop Litigation Hold" and that will continue every three months until the status changes.


I have thought about just making this a scheduled workflow that runs every three months, but the problem with that is that I will have to build a schedule for each individual item in the list, and that's just not practical for me.