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Lookup runtime function with Calculated value reference

Question asked by greenawayr Champion on Jul 11, 2017
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I'm hitting an issue here. I have a calculated value performing a "sum" on a bunch of controls in the form, and then another calculated value performing a lookup on a list where the value to filter on is the value returned in my first calculated value. If i hardcode the value in, it works great, if I put the reference to the calculated value in I get nothing. I can confirm the value in my calculated value is what I expect it to be (I've also tried outputting it as a string and an integer). I've tried publishing it and running the form from the list rather than preview but no joy.


Here's my formula

lookup("FrameSpec", "Code", FrameCode, "ColumnDepth")

doesn't work, but

lookup("FrameSpec", "Code", "309035150", "ColumnDepth")



Below is the screen shot and the highlighted area is where the value should appear but returns nothing. 

Frame Code is my "sum" calculated value and the copy of the same code on the right is a test calculated value to make sure there's no erroneous values being output from the "sum".


I'm fairly confident I've done this before, but not for current company, can't quite figure out what I'm missing here. 


All help appreciated here, am sure it's a simple fix. This is O365 for reference.