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Forms Validation with Popup Message

Question asked by derikvj on Jul 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2017 by emha

Good day,  

I would appreciate some assistance and maybe an example with regards to an issue I am faced with regarding one of my Nintex Forms.
A quick overview of my environment:

Sharepoint 2013
Nintex Workflow - Enterprise
Nintex Form – Standard

Multiple Lists with Nintex Workflows and Forms attached to each list on a specific site



List A – “New Client Details
A list with multiple columns of which some are required and should contain only unique values
The Nintex Form “attached” to this list has a number of controls connected to the relevant list columns



List B – “Current Client Details”


A list with a single Column which has been populated with Client Names





When List A’s Form is open and the required, unique Client Name is inserted, I require some sort of validation / lookup to be done against the information in List B.


Should there already be an existing Client Name in List B when entering the information into List A, the user should receive an alert advising to specify a different name.



I trust that this is sufficient information to provide a solution?



Thanking you in advance.