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Document Generation: Recommendations

Question asked by on Jul 6, 2017
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General Recommendations... posting them here because I can't find an Ideas type button anywhere.

I've been working on implementing Drawloop over the past two weeks and have a little feedback based on my experience.


Support/Case Process:

1. Add the ability to include attachments to your "Log a case" page. It will save everyone time.

2. Auto-generated case response: Include case email content listed in the original submission details, rather than just the subject line.


Training Materials:

1. Update the written documentation and training videos to support the current process. I love the videos and they saved me so much time during setup! The pieces that are most dis-jointed are the DocuSign related videos. 

2. Develop a better understanding and working relationship with DocuSign (or any third party integration) so that both sides understand how the two products integrate and operate. If a product integrates with another a customer should never hear.. "I don't know how that works because it's not our product" specifically when the two rely on each other to function properly.

3. Create a high-level process doc that runs you through the do A, then B, then C in a checklist format. 


I hope my suggestions are helpful to Drawloop and if implemented, helpful to those who are soon-to-be-customers.


Thank you!