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NWC Single Sign On

Question asked by jesse.mchargue Champion on Jul 6, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2017 by jesse.mchargue

Hello all - 


Is it possible to leverage our Azure AD to grant access to Nintex Workflow Cloud?


The idea would be to create a group within our Azure AD to control who has access, when they are removed, etc. but allow users to use their existing credentials across all environments. As it stand right now, we currently have our internal credentials, as well as ones for Hawkeye, NWC, and the App Studio.


I know you can login using your NWC account for the App Studio, but we want everything to the same across the board as well as give us the power to easily remove user access via our Azure AD.


I feel that I already know the answers, but looking for better, more eloquent, explanations.