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Using CSS for label font colors in Nintex Forms for O365

Question asked by ncarlson on Jul 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2017 by courtney.shelton

I'm trying to add a red asterisks to fields that become required based on validation rules (why this doesn't happen already, I don't know). 


I'm using a label control and positioning it next to the label that will be required. 


The problem is, I only get a handful of options to choose from for colors and none of them are true red.



So I tried going the CSS route. I added a class to the label: 


I've tried everything below (one at a time) but nothing changes the color:


.red-star {

color: #ff0000;


background-color: */



I saw a few posts where people were changing the options of a drop down field so they used something like 


.red-star option[title="title].


So I tried


.red-star text

.red-star input


Nothing seems to work and I can't find a shred of documentation on this. Any help would be appreciated.