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Procas to Sharepoint for Nintex Workflow

Question asked by dleathrum on Jul 5, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2017 by dleathrum

So I am trying to connect the accounting software Procas to my Sharepoint server, so that I can utilize the values from the Procas accounts in a Nintex Workflow.  I have heard that this connection is possible, but have not seen it implemented for myself.  Both programs are on separate SQL server 2012 R2, and I believe that the best bet would be to use a merge replication with the Procas as the publisher and the Sharepoint as the subscriber, however, I was wondering if anyone here had any knowledge on this or has done this same connection in the past.  I would appreciate any feedback or knowledge anyone can bestow upon me.  


PS I am not sure which place to publish this in, so I am trying Installation