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Error converting document. Failed to start conversion job.

Question asked by rharaya on Jul 4, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2017 by djlane

I have a Nintex workflow in production, with a convert Word to PDF activity. It has been working fine, but today I got the following error:


"Error converting document. Failed to start conversion job. Check input url 'http://myurl/sites/mysite/mylibrary/Project_349.docx' is a valid file". 


Seems odd, but anyway I checked that the Project_349.docx file existed where it is supposed to exist: the URL is valid. I opened the document with Word, and it opened normal, without error or unexpected warnings. Then I used Word to convert to PDF and it did it alright. So I'm unsure as to why did I get that error, since the file is working properly. 


What could be the cause of this error, when the Word file actually exist in the right format?


Thank you in advance.