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The lazy approval code in the subject line, I want to make another email use it

Question asked by peterbehler on Sep 26, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2018 by peterbehler

When you enable lazy approval, it adds a unique code to the subject line so that it knows with workflow task it is approving.  got it.   I have a scenario where I want other software to generate a email that can automatically send to Nintex Workflows to let it know the task was responded to. It has the ability to look up Nintex web services to determine if there is an approval task assigned, and what responses are available. I just can't post back because of limitations with authentication and Nintex error that "the account used is unable to respond to this task". I was hoping I can make an Admin account have permissions to respond to any Workflow approvals, but haven't figured how to get around the "delegate then respond" restrictions.


Is the code used by Nintex for the Lazy Approval available in any of it's tables via web service so I can look it up and create a email to mimic the lazy approval.  I need to save clicks and reduce the number of places to go to complete a simple approval.