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disable the calculated "current date" once it is captured.

Question asked by lindahu on Jul 4, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2017 by courtney.shelton

Hi, I m looking for some help for the calculated current date

Set up a choice field "approved by A"

Set up a choice field "approved by B"

set up a calculated field "date approved" with the formula as below:

If(approved by A=='YES'&& approved by B=='YES', Current time, '')

Nothing wrong with the formula, but my problem is the current time keeps changing, after A and B approve it, still lots of work needs to be done by others in the form, I don't want the date keeps changing. I just want the date once is calculated, it is locked, not allowed to be re-calculated. I tried with rules, but seems I can't disable the calculated field, it re-calculates regardless, and I can't use mode, it only can be calculated in edit mode.

Thanks a lot!