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Calculate Date based on another date

Question asked by eric.beeler on Jun 29, 2017
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On the same form, I am trying to trying to populate the date field to show 2 days ahead of the current date for a "due date." I don't necessarily need both dates, current date and due date. I just need the due date which is 2 days after the current date but this is the only way I have found that may work. I have tried using the javascript and following the instructions from this site but for some reason it's not working for me: 


What I have tried so far is creating the Stored date column (using the date and time type with a default value of Today's Date). Adding a Date/Time field called StoredDate. Under Validation I have custom validation turned to Yes and the Custom validation function set to validateStoredDate. In the Advanced settings, the Store Client ID in JavaScript variable is set to Yes and the variable name set to varStoredDateID. I added the second Date/Time field called CalculatedDate. Under Advanced settings, I changed the Store Client ID in JavaScript variable to Yes and the variable name set to varCalculatedDateID. Then I copied the javascript and pasted it to the Custom JavaScript in the Settings to see if it would work for the +129 days but it doesn't.


In the picture I provided, the first date next to Required Date is today's date. The second one below it is the CalculatedDate which shows up blank. How can I get this to work? Thanks!