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How to added more assignees when the workflow is running in Assign Flexi Task via Dynamic Branching

Question asked by comicrage on Sep 29, 2014
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I am using the Assign Flexi Task module for parallel workflow where I need multiple assignees working on the same task. I got it work if I add all the assignees at one time, but I need to add some assignees later in the process where I already added assigness at one time and need to add more in a few days. My problem is the workflow at the running Flexi Task module is paused waiting for the assignee response. I am stucked on how to add more assignees if the WF is busy waiting for responses.  Is there a way to create a dynamic branch for the first set of flexi task assignee and let the WF continue to loop and check for more new assignees from a service call to the database?