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Execute workflow depending on content type(O365)

Question asked by rammtin on Jun 28, 2017
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We have one list with 6 content types, Each content type have its own Nintex Form.

Before we had one workflow for all content types and then basicly we had a switch in the beginning of the workflow that made sure that right branch was executed. This workflow exceed its limit and started to throw error regarding to big size(To much CSOM).


So we decided to seperate the workflow and instead have 6 workflows. 

My question is how can we make sure that a specific workflow is executed depending on content type or a specific metadata that comes from the Nintex form?

Is the only solution to have a main workflow with a switch and then in each branch we have "Start workflow"?
We dont want that all the workflows to be executed same time beacuse of performance.

Anyone have any other solutions or is this the only option?

Also "Start workflow" action required username/password whats up with that? do we need to create a service account?!