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Creating only newly added or modified items  in a Repeating Section

Question asked by kayode007 on Jun 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2017 by courtney.shelton

We are using a repeating section to capture action items.    Using the instructions from,  I've create a workflow that extracts the data from the repeating section and creates an item in a separate task list. However, I'm not able to create new action items after it has been submitted.  For example, I enter the following information into a repeating section in a form. 

Action itemAssigned toStatus
Task 1 - take out the trashBill S PrestonAssigned
Task 2 - take guitar lessonsTed Theodore LoganNot Started


I'm the workflow is able to create Task 1 & Task 2.  However, if I add Task 3 to the repeating section.  How do I configure the workflow to only create Task 3? 


In addition, is there a way to update an existing item when information in the repeating section has changed? Using the example above, if Task 1 changed from take out the trash to take guitar lessons in the repeating section, can the existing list item be updated to reflect the  change?

Action itemAssigned toStatus
Task 1 - take guitar lessonsBill S PrestonAssigned