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Hide panel based in drop down conditions

Question asked by walter9000 on Jun 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2017 by emha

Good Day all.

Once again I need your help, I am trying to hide a panel by using some rules based in drop down conditions.

I have a 2 dropdowns the first one called RequestType with the following elemets (Activity, Accounting Unit and Allocations) My second dropdown is Action needed his behavior depends of the first dropdown as below:



ActivityAccounting UnitAllocations
Action neededAction neededAction needed
AddAdd New UnitAdd

Extend date                 Change                   Update


Now what I need is evaluate both dropdown elements and :

if  RequestType =Activity and Action needed =Add then show up panel otherwise keep hide.

if RequestType= Accounting and Action needed =Add New Unit then show up Panel otherwise keep hide

and so on.


I have added one rule and it is working but I dont know how put 2 or 3 rules together in this format. 


not(equals(parseLookup(REQUESTTYPE),"Accounting Unit")), not(equals(parseLookup(ACTIONNEEDED),"Add New Unit"))