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Nintex Workflow - Email notification not working with Dynamic Distro Groups

Question asked by ccastro on Sep 26, 2014
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We have setup an IT System Status page for various people in IT to change the status of a server or application in one place and then send an email notification about that status to whichever group is appropriate (IT, Help Desk or Everyone in the company).  My director recently asked one of our server admins to setup Dynamic Distribution Groups (we are using Office 365 with ADFS authentication) in place of some of our more general groups like "the entire company" or "all of IT".  If we send out notice to a standard AD group it works fine, but assigning it to one of the Dynamic Distro Groups does not work.  Originally we thought it was an issue with the "send" email being not a real email address (ITAdmin) and even tried changing the send address to a real address (ITSupport) and that also did not work so it seems the issue lies with Nintex not sending to a DD group.  Can anyone help?  This is a critical notification process.