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Workflow Status is not Updating to go to next level Approval

Question asked by siva on Jun 25, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2017 by emha

1.I created task in Nintex wf for approval.
2. mail will goes to first Approver, in mail body there is a hyperlink. if i click that link Nintex form will open. in that i need to approve.

3. after approved its updating in list column as Approved.
4. but workflow is not moving to next approver level, because the workflow task the status is not updating.

5.if i approved manually in workflow task then status is updated to completed and then it is going to second level approval
so, ?How to update task status "Completed", when am upadated in nintex form as "Approved"

Nintex Form

when i approved in nintex from, its updating in list field see below img, but its not updating in wf status see first img