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2nd column automatically showing

Question asked by lazyme119 on Jun 26, 2017
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Please can someone help me with the following;


I have a form, and on the form there is lookup field "Job Title" (see pic1).

Job Title list has 2 columns. 1 column is called "Title" and the second is called "DepartmentBand" (see pic1)


I have the "Job Title" as a drop down list in the form. And I see all the job titles.


What I want to achieve is this;

If I click on one of the items of the drop down list, I want the 2nd column appear automatically as a extra field below or next the "Job Title" filed. (See pic2)


So for example if I choose from the dropdown list "Administrator (Board & AGW Support)".

I want an extra filed that shows automatically "Corporate Services........E3 Band 1"


I hope I was clear in explaining.


Many Thanks,