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Save Flexi task, reopen task, changes not saved?

Question asked by nmjohns on Jun 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2017 by emha

I've been messing with this thing off and on for hours. I usually drop it, go finish another piece, come back only to be confused all over again.


I've got a state machine that assigns tasks on each branch. On the first branch, I'm able to modify the Flexi task notification. I can make whatever changes I need. On any of the other task notifications, I make my notification message, click save on the task, close it, open the task back up and go to the notification tab and there's nothing in there. Everything I typed in is gone.


I don't get any kind of errors or witness anything that would suggest the save didn't complete. I'm pretty confused here. Also, I'm POSITIVE I'm modifying the Task Notification and not the Task Description on the Action tab.