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multiple condition or/and relationship trouble

Question asked by lindahu on Jun 23, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2017 by Enrico Knapp

Hi, this is my 1st Post here :-)

I m struggling on set up multiple conditions on a panel I m trying to disable. Straight forward with InfoPath, but seems not with Nintex. There are 3 text boxes(single line string):

Textbox1, Textbox2, Textbox3, What I m trying to achieve is:

If Textbox1 doesn't equal to Textbox2 in Edit mode, disable the panel


If Textbox1 doesn't equal to Textbox3, disable the panel

1st attempt:

I made it with formula under condition as this:

textbox1!=Textbox2 && is edit mode || textbox1!=textbox3

Didn't work. Panel got disabled regardless.


So I was thinking the And/or relationship must be messed up. Let's try it without edit mode, so for

the 2nd attempt, my goal was if Textbox1 doesn't equal to Textbox2 or Textbox3, disable the panel.

textbox1!=Textbox2 || textbox1!=textbox3

Still didn't work, Panel got disabled regardless


That's annoying, I started imaging might be something wrong with the field itself.

3rd attempt, I took the "||" and "&&" off, just to prove nothing wrong with the fields.

Textbox1!=Textbox2 Worked.

Textbox1!=Textbox3 Worked.


But it is not what I want, something about the "and/or" I m not getting it right. I don't have any other business rule on the panel. Any guru here can help? I v been researching online for a while. None of them quite fit into my scenario. Thanks a lot in advance!