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Best method for 12 approvers - if not all approve within 7 days move to approver level

Question asked by knickles on Jun 22, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2017 by scalawagd

I have a requirement to have 12 stakeholders indicate their approval via lazy approval - as long as none reject and doesn't matter how many actually approve, after 7 days, we want to automatically end this approval task and move to next level of approver and change the unanswered stakeholders' status to "No response".  At any time we do want to see which of the 12 stakeholders have approved it on a SharePoint site displaying the status. 


Should I still do a SharePoint group with the 12 users with "all approve" and a "timer" action or do a "support list" that assigns a flexi-task to each of them and run them parallel?  When I did this 2nd option before it seemed to create errors on the workflow when the multiple approvers responded so I'd have to end the workflow and then restart which would then cause confusion among those who had already approved.  TIA!