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Request Data Prefill from List Item

Question asked by mwingrave on Sep 25, 2014
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I'm creating an HR employee lifecycle workflow; hire, transfer, promote, terminate.


The workflow is initiated by HR.  The work flow first asks the supervisor what access and applications etc. the employee will need.  This is done via a REQEUST DATA action.  Those responses in the web form are captured in variables of a content type for the supervisor's responses.


Department relevant responses from the supervisor are then separated and sent via a different REQUEST DATA action email to each task worker for each department .  Let's say to HR and we'll use salary as an example.


So the supervisor has stated the new employee will have a salary of $1,000,000/year.


The content type to capture HR's responses in the REQUEST DATA is unique for the HR dept. So the HR worker clicks the link from the REQUEST DATA email (the email lists a salary request of $1,000,000) and is shown the form for HR's content type.  One item is salary.  After HR enters the salary into their system, they would list the salary granted in their form and then an UPDATE MULTIPLE ITEMS action item would update the employee's list item from all the variables that captured HR's responses.


When the employee is new, it makes sense that the employee's salary line shown to the supervisor and HR worker is blank; the employee has never been granted a salary.


However, after some time, that same employee is promoted and the supervisor is again asked for a salary.  In this case it does not make sense for the salary to be blank.  The employee has a salary and the list item that represents that employee shows a salary.  So when the supervisor and task workers receive their REQUEST DATA, the list item's current values for that employee should be shown so that each task worker knows what to change and what  to leave as it.


I have tried to use the QUERY LIST action item to preload the variables, but this fails.  Probably b/c the workflow item lives in a different list.


Anyway, I just need to know how to harvest the current setting from the list item and prefill a REQUEST DATA.