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Use Repeating Section as Reference in Email Notifications

Question asked by seandezarn on Jun 23, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2018 by quacka

Hello All,


I'm pretty new to Nintex Workflow/Forms for O365 and I'm working through an expense request workflow. I'm using a repeating section on the form which has a field for Cost, a Description, and an internal code for our Accounting department. The whole repeating section is attached to a plain text multi-line column on the list. There are two issues I'm having hopefully someone can help with:

  1. The cost field isn't formatting as currency. (I originally added a column called "Line Item Cost" which was a currency field and was dragged into the repeating section). Even after the item has been saved, the numerical value isn't showing as currency.
  2. I've looked up numerous community articles, but can't wrap my head around converting the XML output into a table or other usable form to use in email notification references or in the list itself. I know I need to use Query XML, to translate the XML into another form stored in a variable, but I don't really understand what to put for XPath query, or how to adjust the formatting of the output.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.