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Is it possible to look for conflicting schedule in calendar app?

Question asked by rogelio.tan on Jun 21, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2017 by rogelio.tan

Hi Everyone,


Is it possible to find conflicting schedule in the Calendar App using Nintex form or Nintex workflow.


What my workflow is currently doing is querying a calendar list and sending all scheduled activity for the whole week.


What I want to happen is to put additional information in my notification that a specific activity is conflict with another activity.


For example:

Maintenance 1 - June 22, 2017 -- 8am to 5pm

Maintenance 2 - June 23, 2017 -- 9am to 4pm

Maintenance 3 - June 22, 2017 - 1pm to 3pm


The logic I need to create in the workflow is, If any time overlap to each other it will be considered as conflict even just by an hour.


Notification Email:

Maintenance 1 is conflict with Maintenance 3


In regards with Nintex Form I don't have any working prototype. But if it is possible in Nintex Form I am open to suggestions.