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Flexi Task Radiobutton set default and area only shown if a radiobutton has been selected

Question asked by mayer_h on Sep 25, 2014
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i have some Problems with the following fexi task formular.(already answered, so the ok button is missing ;c)



My Problems:

If the receiver of the mail opens the task, there is no radiobutton selected.

Question: is it possible to set a DEFAULT radiobutton, which is already selected, as soon as the mail has been opened?



The area "Benutzer" should be invisible, except the radiobutton "Eintrag der Email Adresse bei einem anderen Benutzer" has been selected. so if the principal selects thiradiobutton the area should be visible.

Same with "Früherer Sperrzeitpunkt" should only be visible if the radiobutton "Benutzer zu einem früheren Zeitpunkt sperren" has been selected.



If the last Radiobutton has been selected, the comment field should be visible.


i tired differenf rules (this style) and selected "disabled" and "invisible":

isNullOrEmpty({Self}) && Decision=="1"

Decision=="Text of the Radio Button"

Decision="Text of the Radio Button"







Could you explain me how to solve this problem?


THank you in advance


Best Regards