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Nintex Forms:  DateAdd Crashing on dates with a day > 12

Question asked by lyont on Jun 22, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2017 by emha

Hi All,

I'm sure this is a system date format issue, but seeing if anyone else has seen this:


I have a date control.   The date format with our site collection is m/d/yyyy.  

I have a second calculated control that does a DateAddMonths 3 on the original date control (I've tried DateAddDays as well).   Every time the original date has a day >12 it stops the entire form from showing on load (an error).  I think the Nintex form formula is looking at the day within the date and expecting it to be a month.   So anything greater than 12 (ie. 6/14/2017) generates an error. 


HAs anyone else experienced this behaviour?


Thanks in advance.