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What permissions are needed for Flexi Task

Question asked by davidjohnson5000 on Jun 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2018 by voicer

I have a SharePoint 2013 Enterprise Site.  If I run a Assign Flexi Task it seems that when a user receives the email and opens the Link for the Task Action the ability to Accept or Reject is grayed out.  I assume they need Permissions at the SITE level to Accept/Reject a Assign Flexi Task.  This appears to be the only way they can approve.  It seems the Assign Flexi Task does not reference the permissions at the Library level which is where I have unique permissions (Contribute) and from where the Workflow is kicked off.


My dilemma is I do not want all people to have Edit access at the site level (again not sure what permissions is required at the site level- assuming it is at minimum Contribute).  How do I allow users to respond to an Assign Flexi Task and not open the entire site to Contribute permissions.