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Form Validation and Workflow Updates

Question asked by jhong88 on Jun 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2017 by jhong88

I have built a form that also has a SharePoint form Validation formula.  This validation formula works fine when I:

  1. Create a new form
  2. Update a new form
  3. Run a list workflow (Nintex) with update field

all have no issues.  The problem comes up when I created a site workflow and try to update a field.  This will give me

The workflow could not update the item, possibly because one or more columns for the item require a different type of information


Here is my validation formula


=IF(AND(CM="Yes",[CM Status]="No CM"),FALSE,IF(AND([Date Completed]<>"",[Work Start Date]=""),FALSE,TRUE))



The validation just checks two parameters: 

  1. If the field CM is set to yes and makes sure that the CM Status is not set to "No CM"
  2. If the Date completed is filled in, then make sure the Work Start Date is also filled in


The Site Workflow is trying to updates something that is not even related to the formula, which is to update the item Due Date.


If I take the validation away, the workflow runs without any issues, put that validation formula back, it throws the message.  It's also worth mentioning that with the validation formula in place, regardless of what field I try to update, it throws the same error message.


What am I missing? 


Also worth mentioning is that I don't have access to Nintex forms nor am I allowed access to write javascript to do the validations(I wish I could)


Thanks in advance for the help.