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How to hide a field in Forms 2013 based on the user being a specific user stored in the item

Question asked by razvanhr on Jun 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2017 by Enrico Knapp

Hello everyone,


I am trying to wrap my head around a - seemingly - simple issue. I have the following scenario

Button A -> Show when current user is the same as a user stored in Person field P1, otherwise hide

Button B -> Show when current user is the manager of the current user, otherwise hide


In order to filter I want to get the Login Name (i:#...s\username etc. the claims id, you know what I mean) from a Person field e.g. P1 in my example. How do I do that?

(in order to check if someone is the current user I need to compare this to the claims ID because the variable Current User is in claims form as described above)


[rant] I have noticed that there is a very large inconsistency in the functioning of Nintex Forms formulas and functions: most of them return Display Names of users but take in Login Names. So...the "business power user" designing the form is supposed to know the difference right? And also where and exactly how to convert these... [/end rant]