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PurgeWorkflowData to clean up dbo.workflowprogress tables.

Question asked by sharepoint101 on Sep 24, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2016 by burkslm

I'm looking to remove data older than 1 year from our dbo.workflowprogress tables.


It is worth noting at the start that a small number of our workflows are writing to our config DB and the rest to our content DB. So we essentially have two dbo.workflowprogress tables.


Rather than someone sending me a link to NW2010_NWadmin_operations.pdf or just copying and pasting in "NWAdmin.exe -o PurgeWorkflowData [-workflowName workflowName] [-state [All|Running|Completed|Cancelled|Error]] [-url teamsiteUrl [-listName listName]] [-deletedLists] [-lastActivityBeforeUTC lastActivityBeforeDateUTC | -lastActivityBeforeLocal lastActivityBeforeDateLocal] [-listId listId] [-itemId itemId] [-instanceId workflowInstanceId] [-initiator loginname] [-timeout seconds] [-silent] [-purgeAll | -deletedSites]"


I'm looking someone to simply explain the specific operation/operations I need to run to remove data in the state Completed, Canceled and Errored and NOT the running state. Our content DB dbo.workflowprogress table has 38million rows and the config DB dbo.workflowprogress table has 2 million rows.


I'm really guessing here but I thinking it would be better to delete data in proportions as there is so much, ie up until a particular date.


I'm looking the PowerShell script to firstly point at the D:\Program Files\Nintex\Nintex Workflow 2010\NWAdmin and then the exact command to purgeworkflowdata for all workflows with Completed|Cancelled|Error state up until a particular date.


One final question, will this nwadmin command work for both DB's as I have two dbo.workflowprogress tables or do I need to run it separately and include paths to the individual DB's


Thanks for your help