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How to submit Flexi Task Form without Approve/Reject ?

Question asked by jatinchandra on Jun 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2018 by sushilspai

Hi, I've customised the Task Form of 'Assign Flexi Task' with Nintex Forms and added few custom fields. These custom fields are connected to SharePoint list so that when I submit, these fields are inserted into the list. I've two buttons in the form. Button#1  has to just save the form data into the list. Button#2 will submit the data as well as 'Approve' the task (with out selecting Approve/Reject task outcomes or Decision Radio Buttons. Infact I've removed the Radio Buttons & handling the 'Approve' task with Button#2).


I'm able to do the Button#2 functionality. I got stuck with Button#1 where it just has to insert the data. I could do this with REST API which I want to avoid. With Save & Submit button for Button#1, if I submit the Task Form, the data is getting inserted into the list but the workflow is throwing an error. I guess the Task Form when submitted is expecting an input which should be either Approve/Reject or any other Task Outcome.


Is there a possibility where I can make the Task Outcome (Approve/Reject) optional so that I can submit the Form without any error. And with Button#2 I can Approve/Reject the Task anytime I want and the Workflow moves forward.


Hope I'm clear on my requirement. Is there a better option with Nintex where I can achieve this. And I'm using SharePoint 2010.