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Design Question - Get the Version of item which was approved by the workflow.

Question asked by shrinivasnaik on Jun 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2017 by emha

Hello All,


This is more of a design question to ascertain if Nintex has this capability or have I overlooked any specific feature.


Consider List 1 (version history is enabled)

    1) User A makes changes sends it for approval to User B. User B approves. Workflow Ends

    2) User A again makes changes sends it for approval to User B(or User C does not matter), this User approves and workflow ends.

When I look at the history how do I know which version of the list item has B first approved? As for Audit perspective we should be able to know when User B approved the first time what were the contents of the listitem.


I believe is there a simple way in Nintex to achieve this? I do know that adding to much version also slows down the system, but my question is more on the design aspect rather than performance. I am sure I don't want to explicitly log all the details of the list item into another list when any user approves.. somehow breaks the purpose of versioning.


Am i missing something on a Tuesday morning?

One of my Client has chosen Nintex over other Workflow tools so want to be sure if this one feature could be a challenge?